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Discover the NEW, Delicious Glamour of Thor’s Hammer!

Impress your dinner guests with the exceptional Thor’s Hammer Bone-in Beef Shank. This visual showstopper has been “frenched” (cut down away from the bone) making it an edible masterpiece that is packed with beefy flavor, fun to eat and can be prepared and served in several ways.

How to Handle the Hammer

This unique cut of beef may look intimidating but it is not difficult to prepare. It takes a little time, yet the tender and juicy results are well worth the effort! Whatever preparation you choose, don’t forget to season the meat well and keep the provided cooking twine tied around the bone so it stays together while cooking.

One Cut: Two Fantastic Preparations

Both of these recipes require smoking, as that imparts a magical taste and results in meat that just falls off the bone! With a little planning both preparations of Thor’s Hammer will make for a meal that won’t soon be forgotten. Enjoy!

Smoked Beef Shank

The ultimate snack for a party or a big game, this recipe requires only 15 minutes of prep time!
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Braised Beef Shank

Show off your skills with this prep that is mostly hands off but finger-licking delicious!
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