Our Philosophy of Innovation

As a foundation of our company culture, we embrace ingenuity and innovative philosophies that encourage the exploration of the best ideas to improve all aspects of our operations. We empower employees to discover creative solutions that deliver superior processes, products and service. This means our customers have the tools and solutions they need to stand out and succeed in their competitive marketplace.

Philosophy of Innovation

Vision Scan Grading

Our electronic and vision grading systems provide accurate and instant access to critical carcass information that helps us align our product specifications to our customers' various market needs.

Philosophy of Innovation

Material Handling

A significant investment into developing innovative box handling and order fulfillment systems has helped drive growth and supports our industry leading customer service.

Philosophy of Innovation

24-Hour Customer Service

Our 24-hour-a-day communication help our customers understand the status of their beef orders, while our web-based order tracking provides the clarity they need to help them succeed.

Philosophy of Innovation

Ground Beef Processing

Our ground beef processing facilities combine the newest grinding, blending and packaging equipment with Program Logic Control to ensure consistent color, particle definition and lean points that consistently deliver the uniformed quality our customers expect.

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