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National Beef On the Move

Investing in the Future

We’re reinvesting in our people, our process, and our products. Learn more about how National Beef is using capital expenditure to prepare for the future.

Expanding Our Capabilities

We’re showing our dedication to our people by creating a new Fabrication Production Floor, and implementing new Trim Combo Management and Material Handling Systems.

Implementing Innovative Solutions

Perfecting our process is also top of mind. Our new water management system will be more efficient and improve safety all around.

Improving Animal Welfare

Finally, we’re remaining true to our commitment to our cattle. By investing in animal welfare, we’re modernizing our processes.

Partnership Counts

By increasing our capital expenditures, we’re investing in the future. These investments will allow us to remain true to our commitments to providing safe food, keeping our people safe, supporting the planet, and supporting our customers, for generations to come.

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