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We Begin With Great Midwest Cattle

Our success lives in the heart of cattle country, the American Midwest, where we've worked with leading farmers and ranchers for over 20 years.​​​

Only The Best American Cattle

With processing plants located in Dodge City and Liberal, Kansas, the heart of America. Our partner-ships provide us access to the highest quality cattle within 300 miles of both beef processing plants. Through our unique partnerships with successful ranchers, including those of U.S. Premium Beef® members, we elevate our operations like no other.

We've partnered with leading farmers and ranchers for over 20 years.​

We Set the Bar High

Through our partnerships and alliances, we work with dedicated and progressive ranchers and feeders. These producers continually strive to enhance their cattle genetics, animal care, and nutrition as well as their environmental practices. At National Beef®, we're committed to helping our partners identify opportunities to improve quality and efficiency while driving continual improvements in the value of our cattle supply.

Animal Care

We have implemented an integrated animal welfare and handling program through our facilities that includes training, monitoring, and auditing to ensure we meet or exceed all USDA mandated protocols and standards including:

  • Handling animals in a respectful manner
  • Utilizing animal handling facilities designed by world-renowned animal care experts
  • Delivering access to fresh, clean water and adequate shelter