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A letter from Tim Klein, CEO on COVID-19

From: Tim Klein, CEO

For nearly 30 years, National Beef has provided grocery retailers and foodservice operators in the United States and around the world with quality beef products and outstanding customer service. Our operations are included in the list of Tier One, “Critical Infrastructure Industries” that maintain services and functions Americans depend on and that are needed to operate throughout the COVID-19 pandemic response.

We take this special responsibility incredibly seriously. With humility and sober recognition of the challenge at hand, we are committed to providing an uninterrupted supply of beef products to our customers and American consumers.

There’s no blueprint for navigating such an uncertain situation. However, we are taking every precaution and being extremely vigilant in our plants, offices and our entire operations to follow the guidance of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), state and local health authorities and the World Health Organization (WHO) to keep our employees and your families safe and healthy.

The health and safety of our entire National Beef family is our first and most important priority. We know it is challenging for them as they adjust to new and changing realities. With their continued support, we can fulfill our imperative role to help feed our nation during this uncertain time.

Our plant operations at National Beef are running at maximum capacity, and we are doing everything in our power to keep our critical part of America’s food supply moving in a safe, efficient manner.

We are choosing to provide hope, step into the weight of responsibility and ask for your continued support to carry on our mission during this unprecedented time in our country’s history.

To our suppliers and American cattle ranchers: thank YOU for enabling us to continue operations during this challenging time.

To our customers: thank YOU for the efforts you are making to enable consumers to purchase and enjoy safe, quality beef products.

To our employees: thank YOU for your commitment to our piece of being connected: feeding families and providing hope.

On behalf of the National Beef family, we lock arms with you and every family across this great nation.

Let your strength rise.

Tim Klein