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National Beef® Case Ready is your partner for industry-leading processing, a steady supply of high-quality products and custom options. We'll design a program to meet your needs, from full-case replacement to supplementing your current offering - giving your business what it needs to build customer loyalty and stay ahead of the competition.

Trust in a Reliable Partner

Guaranteed Supply
Partner with National Beef Case Ready for a quality pre-trimmed product that is sourced from our state-of-the-art beef processing plants and shipped directly to our Case Ready facilities. Count on us to meet your supply demands by managing resources from start to finish - from our long-term supplier partnerships and dedicated raw material sources of beef and pork to our expertise in forecasting and logistics.

Innovative Processing
Our advanced technology and rigorous food safety systems provide the highest standards with our food manufacturing equipment and processes. We also provide a variety of packaging formats, pack sizes and labeling options.

Consistent Quality
Rest easy knowing your order will be consistently styled and uniformly presented because of our industry-leading quality control processes and operational procedures. Our unique statistical process controls ensure consistent trim specifications and offer the advantage of guaranteed product yield. Plus, our product enhancement processes and package options add to reliable product performance.

Business Planning Support
Partner with us for tools and expertise that help you choose the right product assortment, pricing and promotional activity.

Packaging at the Ready


Overwrap Beef and Pork Packaging

Packaged for freshness, our Overwrap Trays go straight from the box to your shelf, saving your operation costs and time while maintaining a well-stocked meat case with the consumer appeal of a fresh-cut program. See all the benefits below:

Advantages for You
  • Full case replacement capabilities with a wide variety of packs, sizes and tray colors available
  • Mother bag shelf life adds to extended shelf life; low-oxygen 21 days, high oxygen is 12-16 days (product specific)
  • 3-day shelf life in meat case
  • Traditional packaging format with that "in-store" look
Ground Beef Overwrap Trays

Expand your ground beef offering and deliver the quality and convenience your customers demand with National Beef's overwrap Case Ready Ground Beef. The extended shelf life of this fresh program allows you to expand your ground beef offering while delivering the quality and convenience your customers expect.

Advantages for You
  • Overwrap Trays available in low-oxygen format: 12-15-day shelf life in mother bag plus 3-4 days in the meat case
  • Several lean points and primal grinds
  • Paper layers separate each patty

Lidded Packaging

Lidded Beef and Pork Packaging

Our Lidded Trays add meat case appeal with familiar, leak-proof packaging that shoppers recognize and trust. Low and high oxygen formats give you more control over product shelf life, resulting in less shrink and greater flexibility.

Advantages for You
  • Full case replacement capabilities with a wide variety of packs, sizes, and tray colors available
  • Up to 18 days shelf life for Lidded Trays (product specific), low oxygen and high oxygen formats available
  • 3-day shelf life in meat case
  • Leak-proof trays eliminate risk of cross contamination
Ground Beef Lidded Trays

Lidded Case Ready Ground Beef from National Beef lets you capitalize on your ground beef profits. Choose from a variety of lean points and multiple brands. With our custom solutions, we can help your operation satisfy shopper demand while maintaining a competitive advantage. National Beef ensures the availability of profitable ground beef items during high demand hours and peak season, while minimizing compliance and food safety concerns.

Advantages for You
  • Leak-proof format eliminates risk of cross contamination
  • Widely used package for ground beef
  • Fresh appeal with extended shelf life up to 18 days. Low oxygen and high oxygen formats available.
  • Variety of tray sizes, colors and labeling options available
  • Paper layers separate each patty

Vacuum-Sealed Packaging

Vacuum-Sealed Packaging

This flexible, economical and leak-proof packaging creates a safer environment for your meat case inventory and is freezer-ready, a convenient format your customers will appreciate. In addition, vacuum-sealed packaging preserves freshness while extending product shelf life to 28 days.

Advantages for You
  • Full case replacement capabilities with a wide variety of packs and sizes available
  • Extended shelf life of 28 days in the meat case
  • Durable packaging eliminates risk of cross contamination
  • Freezer-ready and leak proof
  • Film is available in a range of colors and with continuous or registered print
Meet the Needs of your Natural Customers

Become the preferred destination for health and wellness shoppers with Fresh Pack'd® Natural Angus Beef. This is a complete offering of perfectly portioned natural beef cuts in vacuumed-sealed packaging, which extends shelf life to 28 days. Our program delivers increased turns with fewer units per case. You'll also get flexibility in branding with our packaging - everything is labeled and ready to sell, use our brand label or your own store brand, the choice is up to you. And it's easy to merchandise from the box to the meat case.

Case Ready Label Solutions

You can count on National Beef to provide customizable and flexible labeling capabilities when you use our Case Ready program.

Advantages for you:
We have the capability to place up to 5 labels including:

  • Brand label (use your label or choose one of ours)
  • Additional message/callout label
  • Weight price label
  • Safe handling message (front or back)
  • Nutrition facts panel (front or back)

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