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Internally Sourced Raw Material

National Beef® maintains strict specifications and quality control by primarily sourcing raw ground beef material from within our own facilities.

Our State-of-the-Art Technology

Our technology-driven processing maintains consistency from start to finish for a reliable product every time.

Our ground beef processing includes:
  • Foodscan Meat Analyzer for consistent lean content
  • Automated blend times to eliminate overworked product
  • High-speed K-pack systems for consistent quality and extended shelf life
  • Temperature control of 36°F or less for improved food safety

Grounded in Excellence

From partnering with leading ranchers to innovating new processing techniques, we’re dedicated to delivering only the best to you and your customers. Watch the video and learn how the quality of our ground beef program is rooted in our commitment to excellence.

Our Comprehensive Ground Beef Offering

National Beef’s extensive ground beef product portfolio is designed to meet the needs of your operation and the ever-changing demands of the market. 

5lb. & 10lb. Clear Chubs

Over 100 different offerings

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Retail Ready Chubs

Multiple box and chub sizes
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Retail Ready Bricks

Different lean points and primal grinds
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Food Service Patties

Superior taste, texture and performance
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Consumer Ready

Unmatched quality and convenience
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Flippin’ Good Burgers from National Beef

There are burgers—and then there are flippin’ good burgers from National Beef. See how our food service patties are making operators “flip” in our latest campaign.

Flippin’ Good Processing

Flippin’ Good Food Safety

Flippin’ Good Eating Experience

Your Consistent, Reliable Partner

Our wide variety of ground beef products include natural bricks, leans, Angus and more, but they all meet National Beef’s higher standard of consistent, reliable quality.


Satisfy your health-conscious consumers with a variety of lean points.
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Expand your offering with the renowned flavor and reputation of Angus beef.
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Natural Brick

Meet your shoppers’ demand for a natural product that delivers an outstanding eating experience.

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Biologic® Food Safety System

National Beef exceeds the industry standard for product safety with our Biologic Food Safety System. With comprehensive training, leading interventions and a six-zone safety barrier against microbial contamination, our innovative program delivers the assurance of safe beef you can rely on.

Biologic also ensures:

  • Strict requirements for age and temperature of raw materials
  • Metal detection in multiple areas of regular inspection of equipment
  • Constant monitoring of microbial counts throughout the process and cold chain management
  • N60 E. coli testing to detect unwanted surface bacteria

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The comprehensive label program from National Beef is exactly what you need to merchandise our high-quality ground beef.

*All labels meet the mandatory nutrition labeling regulation.

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