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Count on Incredible Taste and Bite

Do Your Patties Stack Up?

National Beef® has earned the trust of our customers by reliably delivering fresh, high-quality patties. Expand your product portfolio with our extensive food service patty offering:

  • Three different patty shapes (Round, Home style and Round-wide)
  • Multiple patty weights
  • Several lean points and primal source options
  • Variety of Angus, Hereford and Natural programs
  • 24-day shelf life
  • Quick cook time
  • Backed by our proprietary Biologic® Food Safety System
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Superior Taste & Bite

Our forming process ensures our fresh patties hold their shape while cooking, offering a better bite and superior taste. It’s that next-level plate performance that delivers an exceptional eating experience, one that your customers will come back for again and again.

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Smarter Patty Processing

We ensure quality from the start by only utilizing in-house trim from our own processing operation. This strict, closed-loop system ensures proper handling and consistent cold chain management. After processing, our convenient packaging stacks paper between each patty layer, and a vacuum-sealing system provides product integrity and a prolonged shelf life.

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