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Carry Quality Options for Health-Minded Consumers

Your Trusted Partner For Lean Grinds

National Beef® has earned its distinction as an industry leader by reliably delivering a comprehensive ground beef offering, including our consistent, high-quality lean grinds. Combine that with our exceptional service standards, and it’s no wonder why so many retailers trust National Beef as their partner on the ground.

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Our Lean Grinds Family

With lean points ranging from 90% to 96%, it's easy for any operation to find the right offering for their customers.

90% Lean

Our 90% lean grinds are consistent and trusted by retailers and shoppers alike.
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93% Lean

Give your customers high-quality grinds, like our 93% lean.
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96% Lean

Our 96% lean grinds are perfect for the most health-focused shoppers.
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Our 96% Lean Is Heart-Healthy Certified  by the American Heart Association

Satisfy Your Health-Conscious Shoppers

Your health & wellness-focused customers are seeking a more nutritious ground beef option. Offer them the ground beef they demand with our comprehensive selection of lean grinds, including our heart-healthy certified 96% lean.

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