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Stock Your Case with Convenience

A Comprehensive Offering

National Beef® retail-ready bricks come in a variety of lean points and primal grinds, allowing you the meet the diverse needs of your shoppers. No matter the demand, National Beef is here to help you build a flexible beef case offering:

  • 1-lb. and 1.33-lb. net weight brick sizes
  • Scannable barcode
  • Extended 24-day shelf life
  • Multiple lean points and primal grinds available
  • Multiple box size options (ships as small as 18-lb. box)
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Consistency & Efficiency

We ensure the consistency of our retail-ready bricks through state-of-the-art processing technologies that produce uniform lean points and particle sizes. Our bricks’ package design is based on extensive shopper research, and its easy-to-stock format makes inventory management simple. Watch the video and discover what sets our bricks apart from the rest.

Our packaging includes:

  • Clear, leakproof wrapping to reinforce freshness
  • Natural indicator to satisfy health-focused shoppers
  • 100% beef messaging
  • Product of USA statement

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