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Full or Partial Case Solutions

Discover A Simpler Way to Stock

The Easy Way to Expand Your Meat Case

Round out your self-service or full-service meat case with our Full or Partial Case Solutions. This turnkey program offers vacuum-sealed steaks in pre-labeled, single pack, or multi-pack formats to generate excitement and sales without adding labor.

  • Fewer pieces per box
  • Individually packaged to reduce shrink
  • Vacuum sealed with extended 28-day shelf life
  • Exact and catch weights available
  • Ships with your regular order

Multi-Pack Format

Drive shopper excitement with a multi-pack format! This in-and-out program is easy to execute. And with individually packaged and vacuum sealed steaks, it minimizes shrink, waste, and labor costs, too.

  • Available in two- and four-packs
  • 6 oz, 8 oz, or 10 oz net weight
  • Flexible retail pricing options
  • 5,000 lb minimum
  • Ships with regular order
  • Barcode for retail on back label
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Available in Multiple Grades and Cuts

Whether you’re rounding out your self-service or full-service meat case, our Retail VSP Program has whatever your customers are looking for.

USDA Prime

Elevate your meat case with the highest quality

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USDA Choice

Stock America’s most popular grade

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Specialty Cuts

Excite customers with hard-to-find cuts

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Looking for a Natural Program?

National Beef Retail VSP offers two convenient, easy-to-stock options your customers will love.

Certified Angus Beef® Brand Natural
Meet the needs of discerning health and wellness customers with the power of a legendary beef brand.

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NatureSource® Natural Angus Beef
Add a natural program for your health-conscious shoppers—no antibiotics, no added hormones, no fuss.

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