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Certified Angus Beef ® Brand Ready-to-Sell

A Simple Way to Stock from the Premier Supplier

Stock ‘n’ Roll with Ready-to-Sell Convenience

Make your crowd go wild with our easy-to-stock offering from Certified Angus Beef® brand. These vacuum-sealed steaks, specialty cuts, and ground beef chubs and bricks arrive ready to rock your meat case, right out of the box — so your team can reach instant stock star status.

  • Individually packaged and labeled
  • Extended shelf life
  • Full or partial case solutions

Retail VSP Steaks & ROASTS

Get the most popular Certified Angus Beef® steak cuts and roasts, labeled and packed with ready-to-stock convenience. Our Retail VSP program offers flexible options for every market need:

  • Individually vacuum sealed
  • Exact weight steak cuts
  • Catch weight Roasts
  • Extended 28-day shelf life
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Retail Ready


Add excitement to your meat case without adding labor. Our Retail Ready Specialty Cuts help you diversify and simplify with easy-to-stock Certified Angus Beef® brand briskets, flank steaks, flat irons, skirt steaks, and more. The new Thor's Hammer is truly a showstopper and a differentiator for your offering. Create meat case excitement with unique items that deliver the premium flavor.

Specialty Cuts

Product Details

Thor's Hammer

Product Details

Retail Ready Ground Beef

Ground beef sells fast. Our Retail Ready Ground Beef helps you stock faster. Keep up with demand with convenient Certified Angus Beef® bricks and chubs, available in multiple sizes, lean points, and primal grinds.

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