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Merchandising Support Programs

Elevate Your Beef Sales

As your value-added program partner, National Beef® offers merchandising programs to meet all of your consumers’ needs. Whether you’re targeting health and budget-conscious individuals, Millennials, or even getting ready for a seasonal promotion, we’ll help you attract more shoppers, drive sales and set your operation up for success. Take a look below at all of the programs National Beef has to offer and see what works best for your business. Let us help you differentiate yourself in this competitive marketplace.

Power Up™ and Go Lean

Meet the growing demand of shoppers who seek healthier choices and leaner cuts with our Power Up Your Day program from National Beef. This program helps you create and merchandise a “lean section” in your meat case using 4 to 7 items from the 28 cuts of lean beef.

The Power Up Your Day Program:

  • Communicates the benefits of lean beef
  • Provides a lean, nutrient-rich protein option
  • Captures shoppers’ attention through POS while educating them on the benefits of beef

Let us help you customize a lean program that fits the needs of your business. Call your National Beef representative today, at 1-800-449-BEEF.

Power Up™ with Protein

Protein demand continues to grow as more shoppers seek healthy meal options. Meet this growing need with our Power Up Your Meals program. This program drives consumer awareness of beef nutrition with an “excellent source of protein” message.

The Power Up Your Meals Program:

  • Communicates the nutritionally-rich protein benefits and taste of beef
  • Drives incremental sales by meeting the needs of active lifestyle shoppers
  • Attracts shoppers with merchandising that educates them on the benefits of beef

Find new ways to merchandise protein and let us customize a program that fits your business needs. Call your National Beef representative at 1-800-449-BEEF.

Attract Millenials

Millennials are an untapped demographic with $200 billion in U.S. spending power. Now you can drive incremental sales and long-term growth while creating excitement and a point of difference for your operation.

food .eez® is a program designed to appeal to the growing number of Millennial shoppers that you can easily incorporate to support your brand. By educating these shoppers, food .eez inspires them by providing fun, easy and convenient ways to cook beef. Attract shoppers through labels, on-pack recipes, and in-store support to help promote purchases. Soon, you’ll transform your meat case into a destination for quick and easy meal inspiration.

We’ll help you customize a food .eez merchandising program to fit the needs of your operation. Call your National Beef representative today, at 1-800-449-BEEF.

Value Options.
Budget Friendly.

National Beef gives you an opportunity to bring a value program to your consumers. Our Value Cuts merchandising program targets budget-conscious consumers who are looking for new ways to incorporate the great taste of beef into their recipes. Increase your sales with unique cuts served at a value while inspiring shoppers and helping them stay on budget.

We’ll help you provide value options for your consumers with a customized merchandising program to fit your needs. Call your National Beef representative today, at 1-800-449-BEEF.

Themed Merchandising

National Beef is your value-added program partner and wants to continue to create increased value for your consumers with merchandising programs that set your operation apart. Through customized, seasonal programs, we can supply your business with offerings for your brand to differentiate you in this competitive market. Choose support programs that let you merchandise all year long with a customized merchandising that fits your needs. Call your National Beef representative today, at 1-800-449-BEEF.


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