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Nutritional Regulation Information

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Nutritional Labeling Made Easy

  • FSIS implemented mandatory retail labeling for raw meats
  • Nutritional labeling markets the benefits of beef to consumers
  • View Retail Beef Cuts Poster for nutritional information

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Additional Resources

Ground or Chopped

Labeling Ground or Chopped Meat Products

  • Ground products must have a FSIS-compliant nutrition facts panel
  • Visit The Beef Checkoff’s Nutritional Labeler for more information
  • Order compliant-ready labels for direct shipping
Whole Muscle

Labeling Whole Muscle Products

  • Major muscle cuts require nutritional information near POS or on pack
  • Click here for a complete list of proteins that are required to list nutritional information
  • Download POS materials released by FSIS, or create your own posters on The Beef Checkoff's Nutritional Labeler
  • Download National Beef’s compliant-ready poster

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